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Who we are

Digital Marketing Point is the leading digital marketing agency which has been serving individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses for the past many years. Our digital marketing course in Navi Mumbai gives you a full-spectrum overview of a wide range of current digital promotion methods such as SEO, SMM and SEM. We train how these powerful tools can be combined and perfectly interact to create tailored-made effective strategy for success.

We offer SEO course in Navi Mumbai, and many others digital marketing modules. In these courses, we teach people how to attract more visitors by using specific digital marketing techniques and tools that work for your project. With us, you’ll get to know how to apply right marketing strategy and help you to be hands-on experienced for using right tools.

Our Digital Marketing Course

We offer premium digital marketing course in which we offer:


Search Engine Optimization

We offer the best SEO course in Navi Mumbai in which we teach to optimize the website for the best possible search engine rankings. You’ll get to know the effective theory behind Google Search algorithms. We also help in building practical and real-world skills you can apply in digital marketing—including On-Page and Off-Page optimization.                                                 

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Google Ads/Adwords

Digital Marketing Point helps you create massively profitable paid advertising campaigns. Our course teaches you most effectively how to create profitable AdWords/Ads. We help in boosting business and in growth by creating successful AdWords/Ads Campaign, in driving traffic to the website and generate quality leads.                                  


Social Media Marketing

Learn most effective social media marketing best practices and the strategies with the course by Digital Marketing Point. Learn how social media marketing tools and tactics to build your online marketing knowledge and grow your career. Almost every industry in this world today touches social media so it’s crucial to use social media platforms in a better way.                                                                      

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Email Marketing

From design and delivery to testing and strategy analysis, Digital Marketing Point email offer the most personalized email marketing course to give more information, practical know-how to create effectively, result-driven and top-notch email marketing campaigns. Now get yourself trained to get maximum response, increase ROI from effective email marketing campaigns.



Are you struggling with WordPress? Now become more comfortable and confident managing your WordPress website. Stop wasting time searching Google and learn WordPress basic to advanced options step-by-step. We offer up-to-date WordPress course to help in work in a better way with WordPress. You can build a feature-rich business website with our course.


Google Analytics

We help people in improving proficiencies in Google Analytics and also assists them in making better and well-informed decisions. We encourage individuals to analyze analytics data and also derive actionable from insights. Get in touch with us to have a better knowledge of Google Analytic and how to track SEO strategies.                                                         


Affiliate Marketing

Digital Marketing Tool offers the finest affiliate marketing course. We have the industry leading experts in affiliate marketing to help you learn more about it. This course will give you a grand tour and bird-eye view of the world of affiliate marketing and will show how to make a passive income.


App Marketing

Get hands-on app marketing course by Digital Marketing Point and learn how to monetize app in a better way.  Launching your Android or iOS app is exciting, and it can be even more exciting to understand monetizing your app and turn into a source of revenue.                                            


Content Marketing

Without content a website is nothing. Here we’ll teach you how to create a valuable content via text, infographic,images and many more ways. You can generate leads and sell via quality content. And a SEO friendly content will help you to grow more and get you more earning.

Why you should learn digital marketing?

As we all know digital marketing is now one of the hottest industries with thousands of opportunities for everyone. Digital marketing is not a new name but has been for a decade and now has taken the front seat. According to fresh stats, in 2021 Indian internet traffic would be 291 times bigger.

Moreover, the average mobile device users in India is estimated to be 442.7 million. We can conclude how digital marketing is going to undertake everything. People are moving their business online because almost every person once in a day use social media to find services and products.

But the question here is why you should learn digital marketing? There are millions of career opportunities for those who opt for digital marketing. You can be an SEO expert or an SEM expert with strong analytical and research skills. Now the companies are moving their business digitally, and so they need qualified people for that. You can have a lot of opportunities as career development. Digital Marketing is now the most sought-after skill and can earn you a huge profit whether you work independently or under any company.

Why US?

There are reasons to choose us as your online solution for a digital marketing course.

Professional Trainers

  • We’ve with us a team of professional trainers with SEO analysts who with a strategic approach offer you great training sessions. They help in learning different SEO techniques and tactics to perform in a better way.
  • All these trainers are highly dedicated to their job and provide a course in a structured way.
  • With their years of experience in this field, they’re always ready to train you about the right digital marketing tools and help in in-depth learning.

Step out Customer Support

  • With around the clock support, we offer our students online and offline support.
  • You can get in touch with us if you’ve any queries about training sessions and trainers we hire.
  • When you commit to joining our course session, we promise to provide you continuous support.
  • Good news is we help students in getting jobs as well.

Top-Notch Training Session

  • We offer state-of-the-art training session; we offer both options for group and individual training. All the students get undivided attention. We give training for practical work and so provide students with live training.
  • So whatever question do you have regarding our services, get in touch with us and ensure the best SEO training at Digital Marketing Point and get enriched experience!

Scope of Digital Marketing in India?

Digital marketing is now becoming a vital part of every business and more especially getting fame in India. Whether it’s about designing industry, IT or beauty industry, India is getting popular as the leading country in digital marketing. According to stats, about 25%-40% in annual growth of digital marketing, there are a lot of companies and businesses rely on digital marketing. There are almost 42% of tops brands working in India today opt for social media marketing. This is greatly increasing the scope of digital marketing in India.

Let’s have a look at most promising jobs which have a great future.

  • Digital Marketing Executive    3.5 – 4 LPA
  • Digital Marketing Manager 4.5 – 5 LPA
  • SEO Analyst   2.5 – 3 Lakhs LPA
  • Social Media Marketing Expert  4 – 4.5 LPA
  • Content Marketing Manager 5 – 6 LPA

These are the average salaries and might be different for different companies.

So if you ask about the digital marketing scope in India, so yes, there is quite a promising scope in India and will take the market by a storm. There are many job opportunities for graduates to start their work online and also for businesses to grow.

Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing?

Are you looking for great career opportunities in Digital Marketing? This is the right time to pursue for it. According to The Indian Express, by 2020, there will be amazingly increased demand for digital marketers in India. So it’s the right time for you to start learning digital marketing if you desire to pursue career as a digital expert. Here are some career opportunities which you can avail in digital marketing field.

You can pursue your career as:

  • Online Social Media Marketing
  • SEO Specialist
  • App Marketing Specialist
  • Professional Web Designer
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Business Analytics Specialist

Digital Marketing is no doubt rapidly growing and evolving career path. With increasing channels of communication become available, there is a need of qualified people to pace with the increasing demands. So surely there would be need of specialists in the near future, and you can pursue for it.

We Have Our Own in House Digital Marketing Company.

We’ve our in house digital marketing team that works closely with the clients to meet their needs and requirements. These are the marketers who are fully immersed in the company’s corporate culture and so focus on the time and energy to fulfill specific company goals. They have perfect skills set to offer quality work. Our team includes marketing manager, content writer, Analytics expert, SEO, and social media manager and a few names more. Digital Marketing Point is composed of expert in house specialists. 

Digital Marketing Point is not a success of one person, but we are a team of strong belivers in multiple heads being better than one. We charge a fair price, so contact us today!